[Update] Stream Marathon: Hull-Down-For-Heroes

It's not too late to donate!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and donated to our 32-hour stream—we are very close to our $50K donation goal! Donations are still accepted at the following link:


Those serving in the U.S. military risk everything in defense of the country, so mark your calendars for Friday (May 20) and Saturday (May 21) and help give something back. Join us as we recognize their service with a 32-hour fund-raising drive featuring community contributors and staff. During these streams players can place bids in a special silent auction, purchase exclusive items with a special design, or make direct donations. All proceeds are donated to charity!

Meet the Charity: About the USO


About United Service Organizations (USO)

Since 1941, the USO has been the nation’s leading organization to serve the men and women in the U.S. military, and their families, throughout their time in uniform. From the moment they join, through their assignments and deployments, and as they transition back to their communities, the USO is always by their side.

Today’s USO continuously adapts to the needs of our men and women in uniform and their families, so they can focus on their very important mission. We operate USO centers at or near military installations across the United States and throughout the world, including in combat zones, and even un-staffed USO service sites in places too dangerous for anyone but combat troops to occupy.

USO airport centers throughout the country offer around-the clock hospitality for traveling service members and their families. Our trademark USO tours bring America and its celebrities to service members who are assigned far from home, to entertain them and convey the support of the nation. And our many specialized programs offer a continuum of support to service members throughout their journey of service, from the first time they don the uniform until the last time they take it off.

The USO is not part of the federal government. A congressionally chartered, private organization, the USO relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations to support its activities, and is powered by a family of volunteers to accomplish our mission of connection.

Source: USO


Charity Stream: Hull-Down-For-Heroes

STREAMS BEGIN: Friday, May 20 at 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 14:00 ET
STREAMS END: Saturday, May 21 at 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET

Join us Friday (May 20) and Saturday (May 21), for our 32-hour streaming marathon donation drive! Our goal is to raise $50K in 32 hours. For starters, watch our community contributors engage in a non-stop barrage of furious battles while giving away codes and Premium vehicles. Here are some of the items up for grabs:

  • 14 DaysWoT Premium Account
  • V T14  + Equipment
  • 14-Day Rental:  VI T78  
Each vehicle and vehicle rental includes a 100% Crew and a Garage slot.

Stream Schedule

All streams are on the official World of Tanks NA Twitch channel starting Friday, May 20:

World of Tanks Fri. at 10:00–12:00 PT | 12:00–14:00 CT | 13:00–15:00 ET 2
__WarChild__ Fri. at 12:00–14:00 PT | 14:00–16:00 CT | 15:00–17:00 ET 2
Quinnetic Fri. at 14:00–18:00 PT | 16:00–20:00 CT | 17:00–21:00 ET 4
DamiensGaming / 
TalkTo_MeGoose 13Disciple
Fri. at 18:00–22:00 PT | 20:00–Sat. at 00:00 CT | Sat. at 21:00–01:00 ET 4
Jimmy and Nubs Fri. at 22:00–Sat. at 02:00 PT | Sat. at 00:00–04:00 CT | Sat. at 01:00–05:00 ET 4
SaltySabot / Ambo_PGC Sat. at 02:00–04:00 PT | 04:00–06:00 CT | 05:00–07:00 ET 2
OldMantheWise Sat. at 04:00–08:00 PT | 06:00–10:00 CT | 07:00–11:00 ET 4
PCPatty Sat. at 08:00–10:00 PT | 10:00–12:00 CT | 11:00–13:00 ET 2
TalkTo_MeGoose 13Disciple Sat. at 10:00–12:00 PT | 12:00–16:00 CT | 13:00–17:00 ET 4
Sofilein Sat. at 12:00–16:00 PT | 16:00–20:00 CT | 17:00–21:00 ET 4

Three Ways to Donate

Wargaming will support a charity effort organized by Community Contributor Bted72 in collaboration with the USO. We'll raise money to support service members and families across the globe in order to keep them connected to family, home, and country during their service.

You have three ways to donate: Participate in our silent auction, branded merch, and direct donations.

1. Silent Auction

Starting Friday, May 20 at 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 13:00 ET until Saturday, May 21 at 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET, players can place bids on special bundles that feature vehicles, customizations, a Ontario Regiment Museum Family Pass, and much more—here's a sample:

T95E2 in-game tank...

Emil 1951 in-game tank...

Ontario Regiment Museum Family Pass...

...Reward Tank from the original Referral Rewards that was never sold, auctioned, or put on the Black Market!

...Reward Tank from Frontline 2019: Episode 4 that was never sold, auctioned, or put on the Black Market!

...Partner Provided Lot that includes event entry and a Tank Ride for four people (a $250 value)!

I Want to Bid!


Please complete the form including all required fields, the item you'd like to bid on, and the amount (in $USD) you'd like to bid.

BIDDING STARTS: Friday, May 20 at 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 13:00 ET
BIDDING ENDS: Saturday, May 21 at 16:00 PT | 18:00 CT | 19:00 ET


You can bid multiple times on more than one item throughout the bidding window. Once bidding has closed, the highest bidder for each item will be contacted after the stream ends on Saturday, May 21 to provide receipt of their donation equal to the amount of their winning bid(s). Once provided, their items will be organized, credited, and/or shipped. You do not have to donate the amount until after you're contacted as a winner of a lot.

Winning bidders who do not provide proof of donation by Sunday, May 22 will be considered absent and the next highest bidder for any given item will be contacted.

When you click "Submit," we'll collect and process the information you provided to us under this form to fulfill our obligations under this Charity Auction. Personal data collected is retained for 45 days. After this period, we will delete your personal data. Your personal data will be treated and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy:


Click the following button for details and tracking the leading bids on all auction items:


Winning bidders can make their donations via the following link:


NOTE: In-game goods are for the NA and South America (SA) Servers only. Physical goods can only be shipped to U.S. areas.


2. Buy Branded Merch

Put an eye-catching design on a variety of products, including T-shirts, hoodies, baseball hats, and other items. Apparel comes in multiple colors!


3. Direct Donation

You can donate directly to the USO via the following link:


See you on the stream and visit our Forum for more information!