International Women's Day Streams with Twitch Drops

International Women's Day is March 8. To mark the occasion, we've planned massive Twitch Drops over nine days, March 5–13. Don't miss your chance to tune in, watch engrossing streams, and earn eye-catching decals and ×5 XP. But there's more: You can also unlock different missions, put your skills to the test on the battlefield, and earn additional rewards!

Link Your Account!

Important: Your World of Tanks account and your Twitch account have to be linked for a chance to receive Twitch Drops. Please see our dedicated guide for more information.


Campaign 1: Watch Streams, Get Drops!

Watch Streams: Tune-in our non-Community Contributors/Community Contributors during their streams and earn Twitch Drops from March 5 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET until March 9 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET.

60 Minutes:

  • Decals: "Ermelinda"
  • Decals: "Mikaela"
  • 1× Token for Mission 1

120 Minutes:

  • Decals: "Von Krieger's Valkyries"
  • Decals: "Von Krieger's Norns"
  • Decals: "Rail Gun"
  • 1× Token for Mission 2

180 Minutes:

  • ×5 XP for a Victory (only after a daily first Victory multiplier is used) in any vehicle (expires in 7 days)
  • 1× Token for Mission 3

Streamers with Drops Enabled

Complete Missions: Use Tokens from Drops to play the following three separate missions to earn their rewards. Missions are available March 5 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET until March 14 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET. You can find each earned mission in the in-game client once you get the corresponding Token:




He Xiangu

He Xiangu is one of 8 immortals from Chinese Mythology. She is often referenced as the only female among the Eight Immortals They are considered signs of prosperity and longevity. He Xiangu is often depicted holding a Lotus Flower which is a symbol of purity in the heart and mind.


Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and handicraft. She was regarded as the patron and protectress of many Grecian cities. Symbolically, owls and olive trees are used to represent her. In Homer's epic poem "The Illiad," she plays an active role in counseling Odysseus.


In Hinduism, Durga is associated with protection, strength, and motherhood. She is worshipped as the principal aspect of the mother goddess Devi. She is depicted usually with a tiger or lion as a mount. She is a motherly figure believed to unleash divine wrath against the wicked to support the liberation of the oppressed.




  • Be one of the top 8 XP earners on your team and survive the battle 
  • Be one of the top 10 XP earners on your team in a Victorious Battle 
  • Block 4,000 HP damage in any number of battles 
Restrictions: Restrictions: Restrictions:
  • Once per account
  • Random and Grand Battles
  • Once per account
  • Random and Grand Battles
  • Once per account
  • Random and Grand Battles
Rewards: Rewards: Rewards:
  • Emblems: "Card 5"
  • Emblems "Chang'e"
  • Decals: "Medusa"
  • Emblems: "I Love My Mom"
  • Emblems: "Girl Power"
  • Emblems: "Girl"
Note: You do not have to complete any of the missions to complete Campaign 2.

Campaign 2: Random Bonus Reward

After watching a CC/non-CC stream in Campaign 1 for 180 minutes, watch a different Community Contributor stream for 180 minutes between March 9 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET and March 13 at 02:20 PT | 04:20 CT | 05:20 ET to get one (1) of the following eight (8) random rewards:

  • 2D Style: "Diversity"
  • 2D Style: "Shield of Artemis"
  • 1 DayWoT Premium Account
  • 3 DaysWoT Premium Account
  • 10××5 XP for a Victory (only after a daily first Victory multiplier is used) in any vehicle (expires in 7 days after receipt)
  • V T-34 shielded  (440,000 credit compensation if the player already owns the vehicle)
  • Large Consumable Bundle:
    • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
    • Large First Aid Kit
    • Large Repair Kit
  • Small Consumable Bundle:
    • 10×Manual Fire Extinguisher
    • 10×Small First Aid Kit
    • 10×Small Repair Kit

Streamers with Drops Enabled