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Greetings, Commander!

Did you just start playing World of Tanks? This week? Yesterday? An hour ago? Maybe you're downloading it right now? Regardless, we're glad to have you, and we're here to help. If you find yourself entering battle and getting pulverized, we get it -- nobody starts as an expert. World of Tanks is super fun, but it works a bit differently than your average action game. Understanding the difference isn't hard, but not always obvious. That's why we've created Newcomer Central: a curation of the best gameplay advice for entry-level players.

If you're new, then keep this page handy as you begin your fledgling tank career.

Don't Forget to Train!

Every new player is directed to the training mission when they first begin World of Tanks. It only takes a few valuable minutes to learn by doing -- the game shows you the basic controls and combat principles. Then supplement your training with the resources below!


World of Tanks Newcomer's Guide

Reference pages on the absolute basics of World of Tanks

Game Controls

Quick look at keyboard/mouse controls.


Visual guide to your main Garage view.

Battle Screen

Understand what's up when battle's on!

World of Tanks Video Guides

Map Guides

Where to go on the battlefields.

Do's and Don'ts

Learn what to do and what not to do.

Chieftain Teaches

The Chieftain goes over game mechanics.

Tank Class Comics


The official forum is where players go to talk tanks!

Newcomers' Forum

Ask questions, get answers

Game Guides and Tutorials

Community members share their tips

Next Steps

You got the basics, now learn more about World of Tanks' finer points

Tanks & Tactics

From the Newcomer's Guide: Key points of each kind of vehicle

Tank Classes

Overview of the tank classes and their roles on the battlefield