Account Security


Unable to Enter the Game

If you cannot enter the game with your account and password, please read the following instructions, in which we strived to depict all possible situations.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

What is an unauthorized access? An unauthorized access takes place when a non-owner of the account gets access to it. Players usually consider an unauthorized access to be a technically complicated procedure though generally an account keeper gives the login data to a computer trespasser due to various reasons.

This article will tell you how unauthorized access happens and what to do to avoid it.

Recovering Control over Accounts

If your account has been compromised please read the following instructions on what to do to recover the account.

Account Sales Are Fraudulent

Dear Users, due to the ever increasing number of World of Tanks accounts being sold, we inform you that any account sale is a financial fraudulence. Thus, we strongly recommend you to read the following information, which explains why such procedures are never good for a player.

Avoiding Online Scams

Dear users! Some of you could come across various websites or auctions which offer you World of Tanks Gold purchase at low prices. We warn you that such offers are fraudulent. Thus, we strongly recommend you to read the following information.